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How to Create your Artist Gallery


How to SELL your ART on


Our galleries are curated, meaning we do not accept all images sent to us.

We have a good idea of what works on the site - our decision to create a gallery is based purely on what we think we can sell.

This is a FREE service - there are no admin fees at all, which is why we need to feel that we can sell your images before investing the time and effort into creating your gallery.


step 1:  Email Low Res Images to


Please email us your low res images so that we can see if they are suitable for our site.

Typically, we like to create a gallery with a minimum of 10 images up to a maximum of 20.

So please send us your best 10 images for consideration.

The email address for submissions is

We will reply to your email.


step 2:  Submit High Resolution Ready-to-Print Images


When we decide to create a gallery for you, you will need to send us your high res images.

There are two ways you can do this:

- upload your images to a Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar account and share that folder with

- send us individual emails to artists@ with your high res images

Please note that you as the artist retain ownership and copyright of all images submitted.


step 3:  Set your Royalty and Title for Each Print


When you send your high res images you will need to give us details for each image:

- name of image

- royalty for each image

Your royalty is the amount you wish to receive for the sale of each print.

This can be on an image-by-image basis or on an across-the-board basis for all your images. 

WorkART has preset cost prices for the prints which depend on the paper and print size selected by the client.  These prices may change without notice as they are reliant on external factors. Your Royalty will be added, by the system, to the price quoted to the client.

The royalty is payable to you for every print of yours sold.  Royalties are paid by EFT once the prints have shipped.


step 4:  workART will Create your Gallery


workART is a curated gallery.  If your images are compatible with our website, then we will:

- check the maximum print size for the image (the bigger the image the better)

- create and name a low res image (no high res images are held on our server - the images on the website are limited to 500kB)

- create a product for each image (name, keywords, SEO info, pricing etc)

We will notify you once your gallery has been created.


step 4:  Notification of Sales

On the sale of your prints we notify you by email.

You will need to supply us with an invoice for the amount due - invoices must show your bank details.

On receipt of your invoice and once the goods have been received we make payment by EFT.



More about... Images for Submission


If your art is already in digital format (eg photographs and digital artwork) then please submit the biggest, highest quality file that you have available (see comments below regarding print sizes).

However, if your art is on traditional media, then we suggest that you do not simply take your own photographs, as this may result in a disappointing reproduction.

Our Giclee Prints are of an exceptionally high quality – and every detail (including unwanted noise) is vividly reproduced.  So please ensure that the image you supply is exactly how you want it to be reproduced.

For best results, we recommend that you have your Art scanned at 300ppi.  There are many places that are able to do this for you.

Alternatively, well photographed images are also fine.



More about... Images and Printing



Please ensure that your image is correctly cropped. 

We will not crop your images or change the aspect ratio – or edit your images in any way.  This ensures that your reproduction will look the way that you intend – and that there will not be any degradation of the JPEG supplied.

All our Giclee Prints are printed at extremely high DPI (dots per inch) and, therefore, produce exceptional detail.  The print sizes are detemined as follows:

Print   size:
Minimum length of shortest side:
Small 787 pixels
Medium 1130 pixels
Large 1614 pixels
XL 2299 pixels
XXL 3272 pixels

You can find out the pixel dimensions of your image, by hovering over it in Windows Explorer  (the dimensions that are shown are your pixel dimensions.)

Or you can open up your image in Photoshop or something similar and select Image/Image size.

All monitors and screens display colours slightly differently.  So if exact colour reproduction is of utmost importance, then please ensure that your images come to us with an embedded ICC profile.  This will ensure that your image is printed exactly as you intend.



More about... Gallery Size and Other Matters

We will create an initial gallery with up to 10 images.  This is at no charge to you at all.  Larger galleries are possible at a later date.

Your images will be printed on demand, for as long as the image is on our website.  If you wish to restrict the number of prints sold, then please keep track of sales and notify us as soon as you wish the image to be removed.

Please note that your high resolution images will be not be uploaded to the website.  The high resolution images will be stored separately and will only be used for printing purposes.  workART will create low resolution versions (max 500x500 pixels) for display on the website.  This ensures that your high-res images cannot be downloaded by a third party.  workART will take every step to ensure the safe storage of your high res images.  However, workART cannot be held liable for any accidental damage or loss of data.



 ... Sell your Art  


There's nothing we like more than paying Artists their Royalties.  So welcome aboard and send us your images.

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