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About workART Paper Types


workART - details of the paper types we offer for printing your art

All our prints are printed on Epson giclee printers using Archival Quality Inks.

You have the choice of 3 different paper types as shown below:

photographic lustre 260g (archival)

This is our default paper as it achieves good results on both photographic prints and art reproductions.  It is Epson's 'Premium Lustre Photo Paper' and is perfect for photographic and art reproductions with the ever popular lustre effect.

The Photographic Lustre provides vivid and lifelike images due to the highly saturated prints that can be achieved using this paper due to the excellent ink coverage. 


The 260g weight is substantial enough to allow the paper to be used on it's own or framed as per your choice.  This is our recommendation for all giclee reproductions of photographs on the site.


fine art paper 240g (archival textured matte)

This is our premium paper and produces the best results for prints of artworks.

This paper has a textured, matte surface and is perfect for images that do not require gloss.

It is very well suited to reproductions of oil paintings, watercolour paintings and all the works of the Old Masters.

canvas (archival)

As the name suggests this is an archival canvas, meaning that it is far superior to most of the made up canvas stretcher frames you will find in stores.  There is a massive variety in the types of canvas that are available - be assured that we use the best canvas available.

The canvas weave gives the texture traditionally associated with canvas and the quality of the canvas ensures that your prints will remain vibrant without fading for many, many years if cared for correctly.

We suggest the use of this paper when printing your own artwork or reproducing anything that was originally produced on canvas.


Also listed as paper types are 3 different options for displaying the print without traditional framing - two types of stretched canvas and block mounting:


canvas on stretcher frame (archival)

If you order this paper type you will receive your image printed on archival canvas (as explained above) and then stretched to form a ready to hang canvas.

These stretched canvases are the traditional way of creating and displaying oil or acrylic paintings.

We stretch over a 22 mm hard wooden frame.  These do not warp and bend the way soft pine and other cheaper stretcher frames do. 

All our stretched canvas frames have the image mirrored on the side of the frame creating a professional and beautiful effect from whatever angle you view the image.

We suggest the use of this type if you want a ready to hang image that isn't framed behind glass.


block-mounted print with black edges

We print your chosen image on our 260g premium lustre paper and then mount it under vacuum onto superwood.  It is then block mounted.

The edges are coloured black and then the block mounted print is ready to hang.

These are an excellent way of displaying photos that are not behind glass and hang flush with the wall.  They offer a very elegant yet cost effective solution to the full framing option.


triptych stretched canvas

These are the latest addition to our range of prints.  They comprise of 3 stretched canvas prints that make up one image.  So a single image is split into 3 separate stretched canvas images.

This creates a really great contemporary effect that looks great for the large print sizes - A0 and A1 and A2.  We can do these smaller than A2 but it is not common.



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