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workART's Classic Collection

Van Gogh Cafe Terrace on the place du forum arles at night
gustav klimt the kiss detail part of workart classic collection
Dutch Impressionist painter known for his raw style and bold colours.
Austrian Symbolist painter renowned for his paintings of women and use of gold leaf.



Impression III by Wassily Kandinsky workart classic collection August Macke's Hat Shop at the Promenade workart classic
Kandinsky is perhaps the father of abstract art.  This Russian born painter is still hugely popular.
August Macke was a German Expressionist painter whose superb images are definitely worthy of inclusion in our classic collection.



paul gauguin afternoon quiet hour workart classic Claude Monet The Artists Garden in Giverny workart classic
French Post-Impressionist painter known for his use of colours and Tahitian scenes.
The founder of French Impressionist painting.  His Waterlilies are particularly well known.



Edgar Degas Ballerinas workart classic Edvard Munch The Scream workart classic
One of the founding French Impressionist painters.  Most of his paintings depict dancers.
Norwegian painter normally associated with Symbolism.  Most well known for The Scream.



william turner the fighting temeraire workart classic georges seurat a sunday on la grande jatte sunday afternoon workart classic
English Romantic landscape painter.  Also remembered for his stunning seascapes.
French post-impressionist painter known mainly for his development of pointillism.



Beauguereau Sewing workart Classic Renoir The Umbrellas workart classic
French traditionalist or academic painter.  He was the master of the realism school that was in vogue at the end of the 19th century.
A leading member of the Impressionist movement.  French painter who focused on painting people at events or outdoors.



Juan Gris The Sunblind workart classic Vermeer girl with the pearl earring workart classic
Spanish Painter known for his development of Cubism.  A contemporary of Picasso, Matisse and Braque.
Part of the golden age of Dutch painters in the 17th Century.  Specialised in indoor scenes of Dutch domestic life.



alphonse mucha Savonnerie de Bagnolet workart classic hiroshige sudden shower over shin-ohashi bridge workart classic
One of the most famous art nouveau painters with a distinctive style. This Czech artist also produced illustrations, adverts and postcards.
One of the last great Japanese masters of the colour woodblock print.  We have an extensive range of his works.



Boulevard Montmartre by Camille Pissarro At the Moulin Rouge The Dance by Toulouse-Lautrec
Famous French impressionist painter known for his flowing style was also involved in the transition to post-impressionism.
French post-impressionist particularly well known for his paintings of theatre life in Paris with particular association to the Moulin Rouges.