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How to Upload and Print Your Images

At workART, we have a dream...

for you to be able to see your photos and digital artwork in the frame of your choice...

without even leaving your desk!

upload your own image

Our very clever, framing-visualisation software has been painstakingly created to realise this dream... Now you can upload any image that you have in digital format on your hard drive, as long as: a) It is in JPEG format and b) The shortest side of the image is greater than 800 pixels. Images that are smaller than this do not contain enough information to give you a high quality print result – so our system will not allow you to upload them.  Please ensure that the filename for your image does not include any special characters or spaces... use hyphens or underscores instead, if necessary.


Our system does not have any access to your computer - and no software is installed by us during the upload your own image process.  Your computer will allow you to browse your own hard drive so that you can indicate which image you would like to upload.  We will not change the aspect ratio of your image (ie the ratio between the height and width) - nor will we crop your image.

image size

All our Giclee prints are printed at extremely high DPI (dots per inch) and therefore produce exceptional detail - so the size of the print available for purchase will be determined by the size of the image that you upload.  Our system analyses your image and automatically provides you with the appropriate print size selections.  Please do not up-sample your image to fool the system, as this may result in a disappointing print.

hints and tips

The quality of your printed image is determined by the size and pixel dimensions of your original digital image, photo or scan.  So upload the biggest, highest quality file that you have!

Photos: Resolution quality varies from camera to camera.  Be sure to take your photos at the highest setting.

Scans: For best results, scan your images at 300ppi.  Your local copy store will be happy to do this for you.  You can then upload the image from your computer.

Colour:  Every monitor displays images differently, depending on its settings.  The colour of your prints may vary from the colours displayed on your monitor.  If precise colour is important to you, then please ensure that your image contains an embedded ICC profile.


now you can: