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About workART Custom Picture Framing

At workART, each of our frames is custom made by hand...

to protect your art and show it to it's full potential...

picture frame mouldings

We have a selection of 55 different picture frame mouldings that you can choose from when deciding how to frame your art.

Gold and Silver mouldings have always been very popular, traditional choices.  Silver has the unique ability to create either a contemporary look or the more traditional.

White frame mouldings are very popular, as are the black mouldings.

Wood, both dark woods and pale woods, are perhaps the mainstay of picture framing.  For example, one of our Mahogany box mouldings 'Parkview' is one of our most popular.

Mouldings also come in many shapes and sizes - box frames, flat frames, ornate frames and combinations of all of these.


picture frame cutting and joining


Our frame corners are cut at 45 degree angles using state of the art equipment to ensure that your corners are perfectly joined.

All corners are glued and joined together with metal fasteners that aren't visible - they are underpinned in framing speak.  This ensures the longevity of your framed art.


Our framing app offers you a selection of 46 different colour mountboards that you can choose from when deciding how to frame your art.

You can select one, two or three different mountboards to frame your art.  (The mountboard is the cardboard that occupies the space between the frame moulding and your art).

Typically, the top and bottom mountboards are the same colour, sandwiching a different colour mount that is in tune with the moulding.

Play around with the mountboard options; colour, number of mounts and mount widths to see what works for you.


mountboard cutting and joining


All our mountboards are cut with a 45 degree bevel leaning in to the artwork.

These are precision cut using specialised cutting equipment to ensure that the cuts are accurate.

The individual mountboards are glued together to ensure that there is no slipping of the mounts inside the frame meaning they will last and last.


mounting your art prints


Your art print is a very high quality giclee print on archival paper and so we take extreme care of these prints when mounting them on to a backing board.

They are wet mounted and then set in a vacuum press to ensure that there are no bubbles or any deformities.  Your print will always be perfectly flat and look perfect.


Our standard glazing solution is to use 3mm glass to cover your art (many framers use inferior 2mm glass which doesn't give the same UV protection).  We can accommodate other glazing requests should you require them.

paper dust covers

All our custom framed art prints are sealed at the back with a brown paper dust cover to ensure that no dust or particles can enter into the sealed frame space.  This means that your art will always look as fresh as the day it was made.


All our custom framed art prints come with quality hanging hardware on the back.  This means that once you receive and open your wrapped art it is ready to hang.


packing for shipment

We take great care in producing top quality custom framed art and we take as much care in wrapping and protecting your art so that it arrives with you as it left our workshop.

All framed art is double wrapped in corrugated cardboard.  The frame corners are padded and wrapped in plastic.  Each order has a unique box manufactured specifically for your art - ensuring that it is the perfect fit.


our picture framers

Our picture framers have all undertaken courses at the South African Picture Framer's Academy and take great pride in the work that they produce.

now you can: